Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hello and Happy One Tree Hill Day!

 HELLO!!! if you follow me on twitter, and lets face it, if you're here today -- you probably do, you know that I LOVE all things One Tree Hill!  Some might call it an obsession, but I don't care, I love everything about it.  The stories, the clothes, the music and [most importantly] the NALEY!  So I thought today would be a good day to officially start posting on this blog.

I've been thinking about blogging for a while now, but kept putting it off for [insert excuse here] reason.  I wrote my first official blog post (please see below) earlier this year when Bethany Joy Galeotti had a contest for a fan guest blogger to be featured on her all-kinds-of-fabulous blog  Although mine was not chosen -- was a good thing, because the ones that she chose totally rocked -- but I still had every intention of continuing to update since that first post, and here we are, 6 months later...

I thought this would be an appropriate time to start and celebrate One Tree Hill Day!  (Did I mention I love that show?)  

So here is my little tribute to the greatness that is...ONE TREE HILL!